Kevin Seawright: A Role Model For Leaders

Throughout his career in finance, Kevin Seawright has accumulated information and experience that has landed some of the most critical positions in the east coast.

He is well known for his ability to come up with strategic plans, his longing for achieving goals and also his expertise in cutting cost for the companies he has worked for. He includes various business acumen in order to maintain efficient and effective business operations.

Kevin Seawright is currently working for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Here, he serves in the capacity of the vice president and also as the chief financial officer.

He is therefore responsible for the company’s financial status by accurately forecasting its revenue and coming up with strategic ways to ensure it attains its goals.

Working with various teams for the past thirteen years, Kevin has learned how to listen and learn his team members. Over the years, he has been known to maintain staff retention, motivate and reward employees. In addition, Kevin is known for his bargaining and negotiation skills which are useful tools in all organizations.

Kevin Seawright has outperformed many in his industry by being an excellent leader. Prior to joining NEDC, he worked at Baltimore where he left a legacy. He was able to manage a $134M project successfully. He was also involved in a renovation project for a school and made great use if the $600 Million he had been budgeted. Kevin has worked for the federal government where he efficiently managed a budget and produced great results.

His excellent work has been admired by many in the industry, which led him to feature in various publications. He has appeared in PRNewswire and the New Jersey Business Journal. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

The two publications spoke of his achievements and his new career at NCEDC. His achievements have also been featured in Market Wired and Market Watch.

Kevin has attributed his accomplishments on his business model. Kevin’s aim is to ensure that he has a motivated team, one which he can share his expertise and experience with. Besides, helping his team achieve their dreams is one of the many ways that he gives back to the community.

Todd Lubar the Incredible Real Estate Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have considerably evolved from what they used to be in the past. In the past, Entrepreneurs used to venture into the business domain based on an interest in only becoming your own boss. However, this has changed into entrepreneurs venturing into the corporate sector with the aim of changing the business industry. In a report by Affiliate Dork, such an instance is depicted from Todd Lubar case where he ventured into smart homes entrepreneurship to achieve a change that was not yet witnessed in the business domain.

Some of the personal traits evidenced by Todd Lubar in the shaping of smart homes industry include, persistence, dedication, transparency, embrace rejection and inquisitiveness. Based George H. Bucher’s motivation, Todd Lubar has revolutionized the homes’ business by incorporating advanced technologies to regulate the environment within homes. Smart homes entail utilizing smart phones to control the appliances in homes. As such, Todd Lubar uses smart phones to command appliances in homes to regulate air, to open doors and many more other activities.

The smart homes technology has significant benefits to disabled people. Individuals in wheel chairs can have the technology do several things for them. Under this technology, the disabled people can benefit from low cabinets, ramps and use of handles rather than knobs. The technology is quite thrilling since it ensures that quadriplegic patients can get around the homes by themselves.

Todd Lubar is the prevailing President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He also serves as senior vice person to Legendary Investments. He commenced his studies at Sidwell Friends School based in Washington DC between the year 1977 to 1987. He engaged in his high school studies in Peddie School. He graduated from Syaracuse University in the year 1985 which a bachelor of arts in speech communication.

Mr. Todd Lubar commenced his career with Crestar Mortgage Corporation between the years 1995 and 1999. He later joined a financial group in 1999 in a company based in Arlington Texas. Under his governance, the company was able to grow its production by 100 million dollars. The mortgage industry that he had worked with is one of the platforms that have given him knowledge concerning smart homes industry. He also owned several other companies in various domains such as the night club industry, recycling industry, real estate development industry and demolition industry. Read more about Todd’s achievements on

Nathaniel Ru as the co-CEO of Sweetgreen

Most legacy restaurants would wish to look like Sweetgreen in case they were given the aspect of beginning from scratch. This is because of its high-end salad chain which has allowed it to be backed by various big investors, including Danny Meyer, Steve Case and Daniel Boulod. Due to this aspect, Sweetgreen has made the right impact on our current food industry with the provision of fresh, healthy, local and organic foods.

The recipe used has resonated together with diners, who are given the initiative of keeping the lines long at the 40 locations for Sweetgreen. As the co-CEO of the company, Nathaniel Ru says that they are creating a brand that will stand for something as they intend on feeding more people with better food. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

However, traditional chains may try to learn and get to understand more about the expected initiatives than just food being provided by the co-CEOs. Sweetgreen owns a website through which its transactions are carried out taking about 30 percent of the transactions. Being an American fast casual restaurant chain, Sweetgreen impacts itself with the fundamental duty of serving seasonal, simple and healthy foods.

The co-founders of the company were Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru who joined hands after graduating from Georgetown University in the year 2007.

The company had 64 stores that were actively operational by October 2016 in California, United States, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, the District of Columbia and Virginia.

The three co-CEOs are rethinking of their management strategies. Sweetgreen decided to be shutting down the corporate office about five times each year in order for very personnel to work in its restaurant so as to stay closer to their customers. The company lacks its own main headquarters as its co-CEOs are bicoastal with the intention of trying to grow the company nationally.

Nathaniel Ru and his fellow co-CEOs met at Georgetown University and took an entrepreneurship class together. They felt that Georgetown environment lacked good and healthy eating options and so they took the initiative of opening their first restaurant in August 2007 after their graduation.

They saw to it that their company would survive when they made it through their first winter experience in business.

Nathaniel Ru says that with the help of his fellow co-CEO’s, they used to be doing every role in the company before opting to build a team. He affirms that building a team as soon as possible is an essential factor in any business.

The Materials Fabletics Use To Make Durable Clothing

When people look at clothing, they will find that some of them are more durable than others. One of the most frustrating things they will learn is that price is not an indication of durability. Therefore, one may wonder what the reason is behind the frail nature of some clothes over the durability of other clothes. The truth is that there are many factors that influence how durable the clothes are. These factors go a little bit beyond the company that provides these clothes. Therefore, it is important to look at some of them. One thing that could be looked at is the company that has a reputation for making durable clothes.


One company that has some of the most stylish and durable clothes is Fabletics. One must look at the materials of each piece of clothing in order to get a glimpse of the materials used in order to bring forth the clothes that are not only very flattering to multiple body types but are also very durable and long lasting. Among the materials that Fabletics uses are tencel, elastane, nylon, cotton and other materials that make for some really durable clothing. At the same time, these materials are put together in a way to make it stick together even with all of the washes that it goes through over time.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics puts technology to good use when it comes to bringing forth some of the greatest styles and making them durable for people to enjoy for years to come. A lot of thought has gone not just into how the clothes look but also how well they hold together for the customer. After all, Fabletics has to make sure that these clothes are durable sense a lot of them are created with physical activity in mind.


When people buy clothes that they like, they want to be able to hold on to these clothes for a long time. This could be very hard when people can’t buy clothes that won’t fall apart. Durability is a very important factor when it comes to fashion and great style.

Equities First Holdings Adventure to Success

Equities First Holdings is one of the biggest organization that offers lending solutions to various other businesses and also investors. Furthermore, Stock-based solutions are the main services that they offer hence allowing a lot of businesses to prosper. The organization has spread its services all over the world making a lot of people to receive their services easily. The main headquarters of Equities First Holdings is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The organization also ensured that they established different branches in different countries such as London, Singapore, Sydney, Perth and Hong Kong.

Firms and investors who are well active and have very higher goals are the ones who have a better opportunity of receiving substitute capital for the organization and more information click here.

The organization has accomplished a lot including completing deals of 1000 and attained $1.4 billion since when it was established . the organization successful endeavors is because of Al Christy who is the main founder of the organization whereby it was founded in the year 2002. His management skills have enabled him to develop the organization and have over 50 staff members. The organization has helped a lot of people including those potentials people who want to begin their businesses or invest through giving them credit or cash that is based loan so they begin and attain their objective in life and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

In order for the organization to provide better services, they ensure that they employ people who are professional and always attending to their clients first hence giving them first priority thus creating better bonding between them. Stock-based loans are good compared to margin loans these are because margin loan rate ratio is 10 to 50%, hence their capital that is being offered has limitations and restrictions while stock-based is different from margins loans their main interest is between 3 to 4% hence they have no limit and restrictions. The organizations have helped a lot of people and organization in reaching their goals due to the low stock cost. Clients are well privileged to be part of the organization since they truly trust the services that they are provided hence the organization develops rapidly and Equities First Holding’s lacrosse camp.

More Visit:,-LLC-1

Paul Mampilly’s Successful Wall Street Investment Strategies For Individual Investors

Fulfilling his mission to help his readers find the next Pfizer, Google and Amazon, Paul Mampilly, as the chief editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, provides recommendations, stock picks and tips in his research advisories and investment newsletters.

Mampilly, a retired Wall Street veteran who has served in money manager and analyst roles for and at Sears, Bankers Trust, the Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, Deutsche Bank and private Swiss financial institutions, brings his investment expertise to everyday investors so that they too can “make massive [financial investment] gains.”

The Wall Street jungle is filled with insiders who have access to the most relevant and current information. But Paul Mampilly has connections, knowledge and research as well.

Paul Mampilly won the exclusive and prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009, generating a 76 percent in returns, transforming $50 million into $88 million in market conditions where large investment firms were taking huge losses. Most impressively, he accomplished this without short-selling.

At Kinetics Asset Management, in the capacity of a principal funds director, he grew the firm’s hedge fund from $6 billion to $25 billion. In 2009 and 2010 he generated returns of 67 and 20 percents, respectively, exceeding the MSCI Europe, Australasia and Far East (EAFE) market index and demonstrating his abilities against the performance of international markets.

Paul Mampilly’s strategy for locating winners in the rough includes analyzing investment picks poised for rapid price increases due to inaccurate valuations stemming from Wall Street manipulation and investor sentiments, anticipated huge increases in market-share gains due to releases of emerging problem-solving technologies and with companies that have an advantage over their competitors that is not yet reflected in the market’s prices.

Paul Mampilly

Founder of Capuchin Consulting and chief editor and co-founder of Banyan Publishing, Paul Mampilly makes his 25 years of direct, Wall Street money-management experience available to private investors.

His $6 billion hedge account was recognized by Barron’s Investment, which named it one of the world’s best hedge funds in 2008.

Paul Mampilly earned a Bachelor’s in Finance from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business.