Stephen Hick Achievements in Southridge Capital Success

Southridge Capital is not a new name in the American market. The financial services firm has been offering its great services to customers in the United States for some time now. Southridge Capital specializes in public companies. Organizations from diverse backgrounds have been receiving the services from this company, and they all have been impressed by the excellent services. The finance market remains to be one of the most challenging. For an institution to become a leader in this area, it has to be under the right management.


Southridge Capital leadership


It is impossible for a ship to get to its correct destination if the captain is not experienced. Southridge Capital has only been able to get to its current position in the market because it has a great team of professionals who have been in the market for a long time. Led by Stephen Hicks, the team has made so much impact in the market. Stephen Hicks takes time to understand the public companies that come looking for his services, and he ensures that he has done his best so that the company name is not ruined. For more details visit LinkedIn.


About Stephen M Hicks


Stephen Hicks is the force behind the successful Southridge Capital. The businessman founded the company in the year 1996, and he has been serving as the chief executive officer since then. Before he set up the company, the businessman had been working in the finance world for a long time, and he was already experienced in the finance issues that give many people sleepless nights. The businessman offers his customers nothing but the best services, and this is why they always have positive reviews about the services they received.


Stephen Hicks is academically qualified for the position he currently occupies at Southridge Capital. According to his resume, the businessman got his first degree from King College before joining the Fordham University where he acquired his MBA. As the CEO of financial services company, Stephen Hicks has to plan his day well so that he can remain productive. Stephen has also discovered ways of transforming his ideas into business without difficulties.



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NGP VAN: Promoting Democracy

NGP VAN is headquartered in the nation’s capital. The Washington, D.C. based software company has created a software that is very popular amongst progressives. The software allows its users to fundraise and organize events. This software has been used by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But this company’s technology has also been used by non profits, organization and local governments for their social media and fundraising demands.


NGP Van has always been apart of progressive driven concerns and causes. The technology platform even hosted an event that spotlighted female workers. A Day Without A Woman, celebrated women workers by donating to organizations. The technology company cares about diversity. The software is typically used in industries that have a limited number of female employees compared to male employees. They try to promote diversity through their acknowledgment of people of all backgrounds by being influential in an industry that still needs to be more inclusive of others in the workplace.

NGP VAN is so popular due to its canvassing features. Canvassers can better interact with voters and get the word out about their candidates through the software’s interface. This software has enabled candidates to have more successful campaigns. Canvassers can collect and access voter information at a faster pace than with other software platforms. One of the reason’s Democrats are so intrigued with this software is because it allows them to really connect with the LGBTQ community.


NGP VAN has noticed how crucial it is to properly address people of the LGBTQ community. Thus, the software provider implemented more inclusive properties into the interface of their platform. Many other software platforms use the traditional gender labels. But this company does not. They have non-binary gender pronouns that can be given to voters. This way voters can be addressed the way they choose. Personally, this is what democracy is all about. This allows the United States to move forward in how it addresses people and include people in major events like election campaigns. Making voters feel more inclusive will help candidates to be seen as more favorable and understanding.

Greg James Aziz Leads The Historic Brand Into A Key Success

It is now clear that Gregory James Aziz is one of the most successful businessmen in North America. This is after he proved himself as a professional with the skills to transcend a single industry sector to attain success. Greg J, Aziz has attained the global business success as the chairman, President, and chief executive of the National Steel Car brand. Having been born in London, Ontario, he has experienced tremendous success in his profession.

Gregory Aziz used to be part of the management of their family business called Affiliated Food. With the help of this position, he acquired extensive experience on the issues relating to the administration. He demonstrated remarkable commitment in the firm until he climbed the ladder to the position of a manager. While at the company, Greg Aziz recorded numerous achievements. For example, lead the company to attain the global point via the supply of its goods.

The National Steel Car brand was established in 1912 whereby its originally known as Imperial Steel Car. The company attained significant achievement during the expansion of the railway across North America in the early 20th century.

In 2004, the company was in desperate need of professional help after having 600 workers only and manufactured 3000 freight cars every year. After acquiring The National Steel Car, Greg Aziz ensured that the history of the company was honored as he looked forward to creating new products and technologies that surpass government based in North America. Additionally, he had a role to make sure that the clients of the brand are more than satisfied with the new car brands when delivered.

For this reason, he had to implement various ways to ensure that the history of the company was honored as he takes the company to the most profitable periods of its years of existence. He involved all the former members of the brand in its annual events. Every year, The National Steel Car holiday celebrations are attended by its list of over 3000 workers currently serving in the company. They are subsequently linked up by former workers who are honored for their services at these events.

The local community of Ontario has greatly benefited from the recent achievement of the company. Grey James is one of the prominent sponsors of various community events in the area. Additionally, The National Steel Car brand welcomes both existing and ex-workers participate in its yearly food drives to support the local food banks offering help to the poor in the community. Find Related Information Here.

Why Guilherme Paulus Is Considered a Goal-Oriented Business Leader

If it were not for the business leaders, this world would not be a good place for most people. Business leaders like Guilherme Paulus are not only wealth generators but also forward-thinkers. They don’t just think about how much they own and generate today, but what they can do to make the world a better place for the next generation. Guilherme has done a lot to be as relevant as you find him today. Despite the hospitality industry being competitive each day, he has maintained his high-level relevance, and he has continued to do so. He has mastered what needs to be done to sustain the brand appeal of his business operations. Visit Wikipedia to find out more.

Whenever a business loses relevance, the owner sells it, or it dies. Some businesses merge because the situation forces them to do so even when it is against the wish of those who established them. However, this hasn’t happened to Guilherme’s businesses since he knows the right market niches for them. Guilherme Paulus ensures the market awards his products and innovation for him to remain relevant. This is how he has become a rock in the hospitality and tourism industry even when the competition gets stiffer.

The tourism sector in Brazil is lucky to have Guilherme as its juggernaut. He is a get-better and goal-oriented business leader, and even other business people in Brazil know it. The network he has in the tourism sector is huge, and his impact on the country cannot be undermined. Most people aren’t able to get to the high-level business scale he has reached in Brazil today. Guilherme Paulus is always thinking about the next big tourism project he should create.

With the four flags he has created in the tourism sector, Guilherme is a man to watch. 2017 went well with his hotel business since his hotels hosted over 92,000 guests in October. Guilherme has invested more money at Saint Andrews Mountain where he has established exclusive premier units. This way, his reputation in the hotel industry has increased, and he has managed to get to some unprecedented heights in the tourism sector. Guilherme Paulus took the Sao Paulo award ceremony as an opportunity to meet some new people and gather new ideas on how he would create more jobs for the Brazilians.

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What You Need to Know About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an expert when it comes to all things related to finance. He started off his career with a Bachelors in Sciences from Penn State University. He would go on to earn his Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He would go on to North Carolina University to work towards his Ph.D. until he was introduced to the wonderful world of finance in 2004. It was this introduction to the world of finance that has helped those that sought and took his advice to have the ability to get massive returns on their investment. He went on and started a newsletter back in 2017 which has been very useful in helping those in investment to really get some great advice.

Soon Matt saw that his true calling was to help and guide people in investing in natural resources markets. This was an area that he knew a lot about and saw that he really could help people make some sound investments. What makes him so good in this area of investing is that he understands the science that goes with this form of investing and with his expertise in this filed his advice is ten times better than many of the other investment experts. Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing .

If you as Badilali he will tell you that we are moving away from natural resources and heading more in the form of electricity. One of the things that he sees as a roadblock is a lack of being able to develop a battery that can power a city. He truly feels that once this goal has been accomplished then we will make a huge jump away from depending on fossil fuels as much as we have been. Matt Badilali has the belief that in order to be successful at investing you have to understand the things that you are investing in and that is why he is so good at what he does. He has said if he had to invest in technology, then he would be lost as this is a world that he does not know nearly enough about. This is what puts him in another class as opposed to other investors.

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Jeff Herman Sues The Diocese Of Pennsylvania On Behalf Of His Young Client

Attorney Jeff Herman has had a very extensive past as a very successful sexual abuse lawyer. Jeff Herman has been working sexual abuse cases for over two decades and has won over 200 million dollars in settlements. His cases have been on the behalf of all ages and all genders. However, Herman’s main focus is on finding justice for children. This is his passion, and his passion has taken him all over the country to bring cases to those who would egregiously violate vulnerable children.

He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.

One particular case he is working on has brought him to Pennsylvania to file a lawsuit against the Diocese of Allentown and Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave. According to the lawsuit, Nave contacted the victim through a gay social media dating site and proceeded to have conversations with him. The victim was 16 years old at the time in the year 2012. At the time, Reverend Nave was the pastor of the Sacred Heart Parish in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Reverend Monsignor Nave found his way to reach the boy because he is a pastor. He told the victim he is qualified to do counseling for the victim, who was depressed at the time. Because he was a Catholic priest, he told the victim that he was a person who listens to people’s problems. He fashioned himself as a mentor to the victim and sought to create a friendship with the victim. Visit This Page for more information.

Once Reverend Nave gained the victim’s trust, he then proceeded to move the conversations from the social media site to Skype and FaceTime. It wasn’t too long after this before would instruct the boy to take his clothing off and touch himself while he did the same. The screenshots that the victim took had shown Nave both clothed and nude while he was doing these counseling sessions.

Jeff Herman stated that he was both proud of the boy for coming forward and telling his story. At the same time, he said he was very ashamed of the monsignor for using his position of power and the trust he had gained from the victim to take advantage of the young man.


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Heal N Soothe Takes The Pain Away

Heal-n-Soothe is an effective product against back pain and inflammation and is backed by the Healthy Back Institute. Jesse Cannone is the successful business owner of Heal-n-Soothe and is more interested in helping people to combat their pain rather than gaining larger profits. As the CEO and co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute he’s been able to offer relief for suffering with long-term disease, chronic pain, and various ailments. He is a firm believer in holistic healing and in its effectiveness. He also stresses the importance of proper nutrition and exercise and lifestyle changes if necessary in order to promote a healthy body and mind.

Jesse Cannone is a professional personal trainer who knows firsthand what it is like to have to live with chronic lower back pain and knee pain. He was about to get knee surgery when he came across a post-rehabilitation training session where he learned more about muscle balance therapy. He followed the course outlines he learned there, and he got relief from his pain without having to get knee surgery.

He got the idea for Heal-n-Soothe because he knows what it is like to live with pain and he wants to share his revelation of holistic healing with others s that they can live pain-free as well. His job is more of a mission rather than a job and he is very passionate about helping others to live pain-free. Read This Article for more information.

When your body gets injured it repairs itself by sending white blood cells to the location of the injury. Fibrin is produced as part of the healing process, and Proteolytic Enzymes are sent in to get rid of the scar tissue and reduce the prostaglandins that cause the pain and swelling. Heal N Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature

As we get older, our bodies simply do not produce these enzymes as abundantly, and we suffer from pain and inflammation. Heal-n-Soothe contains these enzymes to help combat pain and discomfort as well as 12 naturally-derived ingredients that not only help to keep us feeling comfortable but also to heal our bodies. Heal-n-Soothe is a natural remedy for pain without having to take dangerous medications.

Heal And Soothe is produced by National Enzyme Company, sponsored by Healthy Back Institute and sold and distributed by Living Well Nutraceuticals.




Paul Herdsman’s Advice To Outsourced Service Entrepreneurs

One company that is making a difference in Jamaica’s economy in Montego Bay while also serving the needs of companies in the US is Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Global, or NICE Global as it’s most commonly referred to as. They offer a wide variety of services ranging from sales teams, customer service representatives, IT support, call answering services and much more.

The founder of NICE Global is Paul Herdsman who is also currently their chief operating officer, and as a man who’s had over 10 years in business leadership, in his recent interview with IdeaMensch, he shared some Effective Business Advice to young entrepreneurs.

Paul Herdsman said that when he first started the company that he was a bit unsure of how the business climate in Jamaica was going to work out for it. But he gives full credit to the employee associates there who followed through on their plans. He said a typical day has him moving about from operation to operation seeing how everything is working, but one thing he believes is keeping everything as short and to the point as possible, so he can maximize the time he has. Herdsman says to stay on top of this business you have to learn to become a good problem solver and be willing to throw ideas out there at others.

Paul Herdsman grew up in Jamaica though he’s lived in the US over the years as well and attended Florida Atlantic University where he received his bachelor’s. He had become a founding member of NICE under another company name, and the company had opened several outsourced offshore service centers. But he realized things could be done much more efficiently by moving some operations in-house and sending the rest to a new facility in Jamaica. NICE Global took off from there and one thing about the company is they treat all their employees well, offer them ongoing training support and even offer small things such as free lunches and transportation. Go Here to learn more.


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