Anyone Can Maintain A Successful Business By Following Paul Herdsman’s Footsteps


In the world of entrepreneurship, there is nothing but competition. A great many people are competing to start up a successful business idea and make a good living through a successful company. While there are various different ways to start up a successful business, it takes a lot of hard work and research in order to maintain one as well. One of the biggest reasons companies fail these days is not because they cannot get started, but they do not keep growing and cannot maintain themselves. When starting up a new business, finding good sources of information is key to success.

There is no better source of information than an individual that has already found success and continues to grow themselves. Paul Herdsman is a highly successful entrepreneur that has co-founded his own company, known as NICE Global.

Paul is an advocate for good business practices, which are incidentally one of the keys to expanding a company in the long term. Luckily, Paul Herdsman is out to help others and has had no qualms sharing his Business Tips for growing a business.

According to Paul Herdsman, one of the most overlooked factors of a business is its employees, which are of course the backbone of any business. Not a single person can run an entire company on their own, so they need capable individuals to help them throughout the process. If employees are positive and efficient with their work, this will translate to increased productivity for any company. Many CEO’s out there do not engage with their employees and create a tense workplace, which is not good for a company’s growth. The more often employees call out or show up late, the more time and money a business loses. See This Page for related information.

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Paul Herdsman’s Advice To Outsourced Service Entrepreneurs

One company that is making a difference in Jamaica’s economy in Montego Bay while also serving the needs of companies in the US is Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Global, or NICE Global as it’s most commonly referred to as. They offer a wide variety of services ranging from sales teams, customer service representatives, IT support, call answering services and much more.

The founder of NICE Global is Paul Herdsman who is also currently their chief operating officer, and as a man who’s had over 10 years in business leadership, in his recent interview with IdeaMensch, he shared some Effective Business Advice to young entrepreneurs.

Paul Herdsman said that when he first started the company that he was a bit unsure of how the business climate in Jamaica was going to work out for it. But he gives full credit to the employee associates there who followed through on their plans. He said a typical day has him moving about from operation to operation seeing how everything is working, but one thing he believes is keeping everything as short and to the point as possible, so he can maximize the time he has. Herdsman says to stay on top of this business you have to learn to become a good problem solver and be willing to throw ideas out there at others.

Paul Herdsman grew up in Jamaica though he’s lived in the US over the years as well and attended Florida Atlantic University where he received his bachelor’s. He had become a founding member of NICE under another company name, and the company had opened several outsourced offshore service centers. But he realized things could be done much more efficiently by moving some operations in-house and sending the rest to a new facility in Jamaica. NICE Global took off from there and one thing about the company is they treat all their employees well, offer them ongoing training support and even offer small things such as free lunches and transportation. Go Here to learn more.


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