Dr. David Samadi Oncology Profession

Dr. David Samadi is an oncology medic known for fighting cancer disease. He is always at the forefront in educating people on the early diagnosis of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in ladies. Every one hate diseases and more so a deadly one like cancer. However, Dr. David Samadi has plans for the patients and the entire world. He has worked in many years researching new methods of treating cancer. He has vast experience in cancer treatment.

To reach out the world and educate the audience on the issues regarding cancer diseases, Dr. David Samadi has a television show. In his show, he explores on oncology and emerging healthcare topics. One of his interviewers is Dr. Cynara, the pioneer of Comprehensive Breast Center which is located on Staten Island. Being the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, Dr. David Samadi thought it would be wise to welcome Dr. Cynara in his show to overturn all topics in breast and prostate cancer.

The two doctors have a working history. They worked together in treating cancer disease at Lenox Hill Hospital. The interviewee has been the best breast surgeon in the city of New York working with Mt Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Cynara developed and established advanced medical practices which are applied in cancer patients globally. She is well known for the excellent work, and she is a significant influence on the show this month in educating the citizens about the cancer disease.

Dr. David Samadi works as the head of Urology and senior Robotic Surgery with Lenox Hill Hospital. He majored in Laparoscopic and traditional surgery leading him to a certified Urologic Oncologist. He has vast knowledge in robotic prostate surgery and treatment of prostate cancer in men. As a cancer doctor, he deals with early detection and diagnosis of the oncology disease. After analyzing and scrutinizing the illness that’s when he introduces therapies to the patients. He said that the interview with his colleague would have an impact on people’s health life since they will touch on various cancer topics.

Born in Iran and studied Biochemistry at Stony Brook University, Dr. David Samadi also has a postgraduate degree in Urology which he received from Montefiore Medical Center. He has achieved much in the treatment of cancer disease. David served as chairman of Urology and chief Robotics at Mt Sinai School of Medicine from 2007 before moving to Lenox Hill Hospital in 2013. He was once the most paid Surgeon in New York.