Academy of Art University Where Creativity is Born

The New York Fashion week is a place where fashion is seen by many. The Academy of Art University has showcased stupendous talent numerous times. The Academy of Art University recently had its 21st showcase.


Hailun Zhou’s style presented in the showcase was inspired by photographs taken for a class. Eden Slezin’s styles were inspired by indebtedness for vintage style denim. Dina Marie Lam’s inspirations were guided by the emotions associated with the passing of a family member. Carlos Rodriguez’s collection consisted of detailed embroidery. Saya Shen’s fashion inspiration stems from a variety of landscapes. Joanna Jadallah’s collection captivates the exquisiteness of her culture combined with her descendant’s background. Cana Klebanoff’s collection stems from the inspiration of nature, design of fortresses, and protective covering of a Japanese samurai. Ryan Yu’s collection came from the inspiration of light and how it can guide us out of darkness. Jelly Shan’s inspiration came from the happiness she experienced while traveling in the northwestern area of China. Overall, there were many inspiring pieces presented at this showcase.


The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. It was established in the year 1929. It was established by Richard S. Stephens. It is a privately owned fine art and design school. The main campus is located on New Montgomery Street.


The Academy of Art University is an endorsed institutional affiliate of National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The Academy of Art University offers levels of learning. It offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels of learning. These levels of learning are available within 25 educational subjects. Some of the courses available at this school are also online.


The Academy of Art University has a great mission statement. It promotes a methodical method towards fine art and design. It provides a creative atmosphere. Its creative atmosphere provides amazing possibilities. Its programs are designed to evoke growth of critical philosophy, enhance communication, and provide a platform for developing artists.


Overall, The Academy of Art University is a place where inspiration is born.


College Football Predictions And How To Excel

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