Dr. Jennifer Walden, the Expert Cosmetic Surgeon in Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden pursued medicine at Texas University medical branch at Galveston. Walden spent her childhood in Austin. Jennifer began her practice in the New York City immediately after completing her fellowship at Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital. She afterward went back to her hometown in the year 2011. She participated in the writing Aesthetic Plastic surgery.

Walden deals exclusively with plastic surgery and has an experience of more than eight years in the field. Dr. Jennifer Walden practices cosmetic surgery on breast augmentation, and eyelids lift, face lifts and rhinoplasties. She well understands that she is a rarity as there are not many women doctors in the plastic surgery field. There are only 851 female plastic surgeons of the 8100 surgeons in the country. Among those, only 150 of them are registered with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery- a leading organization of certified cosmetic surgeons and learn more about Dr. Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden argues that the reason why there are fewer women in cosmetic surgery is that the course is time-consuming. Doctors require at least five years of post medical training which is followed by one or two years of fellowship. Women consider this long year of study as a delay in childbearing. In addition to that, the culture in medical studies is tough and practically not welcoming to women and her Facebook.

Walden says that it is advantageous to be a female plastic surgeon because about 91 percent of plastic surgery is done on women. Women do surgery because getting embarrassed by asymmetrical part of their bodies or deformation brought by child bearing. Women’s breasts might have undergone deflation after breastfeeding while their abdominal muscles have spread after pregnancy. She says that women find it easy to talk to another woman about a particular part of their body that to a man and more information click here.

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Avi Weisfogel the Doctor Improving Sleep among Patients with Disorders

Enough sleep is a critical factor in our daily lives. Lack of enough sleep and sleep-related difficulties can lead to numerous health problems both physically and mentally. Due to this, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his life to make sure people suffering from such disorders get better health care and treatment to help improve their condition. He mostly specializes in sleep apnoea. He has established several companies to expand his knowledge on sleep matters and how to deal with disorders affecting sleep.

Dr. Avi started as a dentist. Back in 1999, he founded the Old Bridge Dental Care as a dental practice. He ran this establishment for about a decade and a half. In those years, he gathered experience and awards such as Best Dentist for a couple of years. In those years, Dr. Avi started developing a keen interest in the world of sleep and discovering how dentists and physicians could come up together and help patients suffering from problems accompanied with sleep. He then went on to develop Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. Then in 2012, he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters. All these companies were to get more research on sleep involving lecturers, dentists, and physicians to get a breakthrough with problems relating to sleep and Avi on Facebook.

Dr. Weisfogel acquired his education from Rutgers University, where he graduated with BA in Biology and Psychology and also from New York University College of Dentistry where he got his DDS. In his latest company, called Dental Sleep Masters, he has dug in deep to the issue of sleep apnoea. It has taken a couple of millions of dollars for Dr. Avi to create a couple of oral appliances which has helped many patients suffering from sleep apnoea. Also, he is a family man who is married to a beautiful wife, and together they have blessed with six children. It is clear to suggest that his love for his family especially children have motivated him to handle issues affecting the children health issues such as the dental matters and sleep apnoea which affects mainly the children. His love for better sleep is going to help change the world of people with sleeping problems and learn more about Avi.

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