Using the Securus Technologies Phone System to Prevent Crime

Part of my job as a crime scene investigator is getting those responsible into custody so they can have their day in court. Technology has really changed the way that we can track down criminals today, but it always comes down to creativity and ingenuity if you are going to find and capture these dangerous suspects. If they have a deep enough network of family and friends willing to protect them, there is no saying how long they can avoid captivity.

The most dangerous suspects are problematic for another reason, no one is willing to turn them in for fear their family will be retaliated against. People are terrified that the suspect or associates will come back for revenge, so we rarely get leads the traditional way any more. These suspects know they have to lay low and they have to stop doing things that will bring attention to them. Despite monitoring family and friends for weeks, we were having a real challenging time with one fugitive in particular.

When Securus Technologies installed their inmate call system in the local prison, my associates informed me that the system and software had the capability to monitor all calls and pick up unique conversations, pertaining to our suspect. We listened in on those calls and discovered that he still had family in jail, and when these inmates were making calls to family, the name of the suspect did surface. By monitoring these calls, we determined that the suspect was actually in the planning stages of going to Mexico.

Our team had only a little window before the suspect got his fake identification papers, so we staked out the residence where the calls were coming from, and discovered he was in fact ready to leave that night and was completely shocked when we broke down that door and took him into custody.

Securus Technologies is Preventing Crimes in the US

Securus Technologies is a communication company that is known for offering innovative communication solutions to correctional centers based in the United States. The private corporation has been operating for several years, and it is respected for providing high-quality products and services to individuals who are incarcerated. According to a recent study, Securus Technologies services benefit over three thousand, five hundred public safety and law enforcement agencies in the United States. The company serves over one million two hundred thousand inmates in the forty-eight States of America.


Securus Technologies has been very successful in its missions. This success is attributed to the institution’s commitment provide inmates with innovative products that can meet the ever-changing demands of the clients. A recently conducted survey indicates that Securus Technologies has dominated the market because it offers services that are affordable to the consumers.


Not long ago, the private company was able to introduce a video visitation platform. The newly launched application has done well in the market, and it has changed the lives of many people who are incarcerated. The application is available in most of the conventional devices such as Tablets, iPad, and Android.


Consumers have been impressed by the type of services provided by the private company. Apart from improving the lives of the inmates, the services have helped prevent and reduce crimes in the country. This is because it is easier to monitor calls that are made to the prisoners. Activities such as alcohol consumption and drug selling rarely take place in the prisons, thanks to Securus Technologies products.


Individuals who work in the correctional centers have also benefited from Securus Technologies. These professionals can now conduct investigations about political threats and harassment that are issued to the inmates or the community. This had been made possible by investigative tools provided by Securus Technologies.

Securus Brings People Together for Christmas

It is odd to think that a jail industry visitation company would be the reason for the season, but for people who are in jail, Securus is one of the best options that they have during the holiday season. The company works hard to bring people together all year round but they are able to do it more during the Christmas season. They do this so that people will have the chance to see each other during Christmas and around the holidays even if their loved ones are in jail and cannot make the actual trip to visit.



With Securus, people who are in jail are able to video chat with their loved ones. They do this all from the convenient kiosk that Securus provides and the company works to make sure that all inmates are able to see their loved ones during the holidays. This is something that is great for people who cannot afford to come to the jail, who have children and do not want to come to the jail or who simply cannot make it there for the holidays. Inmates are still able to see their loved ones even if they cannot make the trip there.


While in-person visits are great, video visits have also been able to help people who are in jail. They help to raise the morale of the people who are in jail and can make things better for the families. Securus knows that it is important to keep families together and that the recidivism rates are much lower for people who have a chance to see their families while they are in prison. Being able to keep up a relationship that is on the outside while they are in jail is a very important part to being successful once they are released.


There are many ways that Securus has helped people who are in prison. They offer different opportunities depending on the prison that they are in but, in general, they are able to help people through the use of the kiosks that they have. This has been an important part of the way that things work and the way that people are able to do more in the prison system. Securus has given the chance to be able to have a healthier life on the outside for people who are currently in prison and hoping to maintain relationships while in.

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