NGP VAN: Promoting Democracy

NGP VAN is headquartered in the nation’s capital. The Washington, D.C. based software company has created a software that is very popular amongst progressives. The software allows its users to fundraise and organize events. This software has been used by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But this company’s technology has also been used by non profits, organization and local governments for their social media and fundraising demands.


NGP Van has always been apart of progressive driven concerns and causes. The technology platform even hosted an event that spotlighted female workers. A Day Without A Woman, celebrated women workers by donating to organizations. The technology company cares about diversity. The software is typically used in industries that have a limited number of female employees compared to male employees. They try to promote diversity through their acknowledgment of people of all backgrounds by being influential in an industry that still needs to be more inclusive of others in the workplace.

NGP VAN is so popular due to its canvassing features. Canvassers can better interact with voters and get the word out about their candidates through the software’s interface. This software has enabled candidates to have more successful campaigns. Canvassers can collect and access voter information at a faster pace than with other software platforms. One of the reason’s Democrats are so intrigued with this software is because it allows them to really connect with the LGBTQ community.


NGP VAN has noticed how crucial it is to properly address people of the LGBTQ community. Thus, the software provider implemented more inclusive properties into the interface of their platform. Many other software platforms use the traditional gender labels. But this company does not. They have non-binary gender pronouns that can be given to voters. This way voters can be addressed the way they choose. Personally, this is what democracy is all about. This allows the United States to move forward in how it addresses people and include people in major events like election campaigns. Making voters feel more inclusive will help candidates to be seen as more favorable and understanding.