InnovaCare Health Is Making Healthcare Easier

Healthcare management has never been so important and InnovaCare Health is completely aware of that. As healthcare becomes more complex and intricate InnovaCare Health is here to simplify the process for the patients and make managing healthcare considerably more straightforward. Its leadership is key to their success. Their leaders have many years of experience behind them and they carry a great deal of knowledge to the table; which means a better experience for all of InnovaCare Health’s patients. Contact details available at

The President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Richard Shinto completely understand the vision and values of InnovaCare Health Inc. They provide innovative ways to provide quality medical care to its patients and employees.

Dr Rick Shinto also understands that transparency and quality help lead to successful patient experiences. He provided leadership as the President and Chief Executive Offer for Aveta Inc and before that position was a part of the management team. He serves Puerto Rico as their InnovaCare CEO presently.

Dr Shinto’s experience in the healthcare industry spans over 20 years in the operations of the healthcare experience and clinical practices. Before he became CEO of Aveta Inc he had the opportunity of being the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM in the state of California and much more prior to that. He has also authored many essays and articles about clinical medicine and healthcare in general. Dr Shinto accepted the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award which applauses the excellence he has shown in his industry and the innovation he has contributed to it.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health since June 2015. Before obtaining this title she was the Chief Operating Offer for InnovaCare and Aveta as well. She specializes in government programs that are healthcare related such as Medicare and Medicaid. She has many times prior to her current position managed clinical programs, executing health care processes and targeted improving efficiency and organizing business infrastructure to better the customer experience.

InnovaCare has recently joined with many CMS Alternative Payment Models. This means that the physicians are paid based on the quality of care they provided their patient. This will mean that patients can expect to receive more attentive care and their physicians will be more inclined to find solutions that fit the patients lifestyle. This will also hold physicians accountable for putting their patients first. The Alternative Payment Model will also reduce the cost of healthcare which will positively affect patients pockets.

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InnovaCare is dedicated to providing healthcare management that provides a smarter use of money, healthier patients and accountable physicians.