Always Making Music: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers were formed when Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart met in 2012. They were introduced by their mutual friend and current band manager Adam Alpert, who know both men were looking for a partner for their music. Much to no one’s surprise, the two hit it off and formed a fast friendship that led to the Chainsmokers playing their first show in 2014 at Terminal 5 in New York, opining for Timeflies. After that gig the rest, as they say, was history, as the dup began playing regular live shows, releasing albums and singles, and hitting #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic and Top 200 Charts with their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.”

In-between EPs and albums, the Chainsmokers release many singles that can be downloaded for free at their official website. In late July they released their most recent of these singles, “Side Effects”, featuring vocals by friend of the band Emily Warren. Warren has collaborated with the Chainsmokers several times before, and the duo says they truly love working with her. They speak about how effortless the collaborations with Warren are, with Pall and Taggart saying she is an intelligent, compassionate and well-educated musician that they enjoy working with.

“Side Effects” is an up-tempo, disco influenced song. Its upbeat flow is a departure from the Chainsmokers’ recent releases, most of which were written during winter. The season impacts the feelings the duo have at any given time, and their music is written to be a reflection of these feelings as well as their experiences at the time. Calling “Side Effects” a “summer banger”, the two wanted a song that would get people excited and energetic for the summer season.

The Chainsmokers perform live shows on a regular basis all across the country. They have evolved from “two guys behind a turntable” to having many elements of a traditional live band on stage with them. They especially like the contributions made by their drummers. Taggart has put effort into singing live before a crowd, something he wasn’t too terribly comfortable with only a year ago.

Alex Pall Tracks and Plans

The chain smokers band released an awaited track “Closer” featuring Halsey. Alex Pall and Taggart are instrumental in this band and are working hard for popularity each day. As such, their mutual relationship has escalated their career to the next level. They work towards establishing a good rapport with their audience. This is key stride that has instilled tautness and tenderness in their category often sterile and emotionless. As such, the duo was interviewed on their well-established identity, new track and on their development plans as their audience rise every day.

Pall explicitly highlights that he passionately grew a DJ in New York. However, it was odd to pursue fun than a job in the city. Almost quitting, his manager introduced him to Drew and they started working. Taggart hinted that he meets Alex while in college. He loved electronic music that college mates made fun of him wearing V-necks and listening to dance music. He was tipped off the duo chain-smokers separating and needed a replacement. He boarded to New York from Maine, met Alex, and started working.

Pall unequivocally hinted that they knew each had the potential and they deliberated their efforts on ambitions. They met daily from 9 am to 7 pm working on music and developing their artistry identity. They were ready to learn and pushed for the better every day. They discovered a good rating of their music by their audience. Today indeed, we have achieved than expected. Rosenzweig asked their take being duo DJs and being active in electronic genre whether it was making it difficult in strengthening their identity as artists.

They write songs on their personal experiences working closely with other songwriters. Pall hints that they are likely to release a new album. However, much pressure is from their funds hence they work earnestly to release an album that will trigger their emotions and outstanding. Pall recognized Halsey as an artist with outstanding vocals and the fact that she shaped him while working with him. Social media is instrumental in reaching their fans and they are working to develop their vision so as they can remain relevant and outstanding in the music industry.