The Investment Success Story of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Before he started his company, he had spent many years in the financial Markets. Currently, in addition to heading the company, he plays a supervisory role and looks for the most appropriate markets for all the products that he sells.

He has decades of experience in investing and has been looking for ways in which he can share all the tips, information and business secrets to other people who want to make it in the world of business and investing.

Brian says that the first mistake people make is that when they go to business school, everyone assumes they will take up a job in the financial markets and become an overnight success. While Brian Bonar does not belittle the importance of education in business success, he does believe that for one to become an excellent investor, they need more than just academic papers.

He believes that there are certain personality traits and skills learned in the field which can improve the chances of a person succeeding in investing. he encourages people to use a combination of skills learned in the classroom with actual field experiences to make important decisions in business.

The company that he heads, Digital imaging Technologies deals with the development of color management technologies. Brian claims that the first personality trait that has helped him succeed in business is his resilient spirit.

He confides that there were many ups and down in his journey to the top, but the fact that he couldn’t give up helped him rethink his methods each time he faced a challenge and he always came up successful.

Brian adds that for one to make a difference as an entrepreneur, they have to look for gaps in the demand and supply process and fill them appropriately. Another thing that he believes in is the concept of viewing all his difficulties as an opportunity to reinvent and make things better.

To get the best out of his investments, he has also applied a lot of what he learned in College. He graduated with honors from the Strathclyde College before proceeding to Staffordshire for his master’s degree in Finance.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has worked as a CEO for various companies, gaining even more experience in investment. His ability to combine what was learned in the classroom with hands on experiences has been a winning factor for him.

Besides succeeding in business, Brian is also a Philanthropist. He supports a number of charity organizations and believes in giving back to the community. He is a true inspiration in the world of business and he hopes to continue mentoring and setting the pace for other people who have great business ideas but haven’t gotten the right guidance.