Todd Lubar the Incredible Real Estate Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have considerably evolved from what they used to be in the past. In the past, Entrepreneurs used to venture into the business domain based on an interest in only becoming your own boss. However, this has changed into entrepreneurs venturing into the corporate sector with the aim of changing the business industry. In a report by Affiliate Dork, such an instance is depicted from Todd Lubar case where he ventured into smart homes entrepreneurship to achieve a change that was not yet witnessed in the business domain.

Some of the personal traits evidenced by Todd Lubar in the shaping of smart homes industry include, persistence, dedication, transparency, embrace rejection and inquisitiveness. Based George H. Bucher’s motivation, Todd Lubar has revolutionized the homes’ business by incorporating advanced technologies to regulate the environment within homes. Smart homes entail utilizing smart phones to control the appliances in homes. As such, Todd Lubar uses smart phones to command appliances in homes to regulate air, to open doors and many more other activities.

The smart homes technology has significant benefits to disabled people. Individuals in wheel chairs can have the technology do several things for them. Under this technology, the disabled people can benefit from low cabinets, ramps and use of handles rather than knobs. The technology is quite thrilling since it ensures that quadriplegic patients can get around the homes by themselves.

Todd Lubar is the prevailing President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He also serves as senior vice person to Legendary Investments. He commenced his studies at Sidwell Friends School based in Washington DC between the year 1977 to 1987. He engaged in his high school studies in Peddie School. He graduated from Syaracuse University in the year 1985 which a bachelor of arts in speech communication.

Mr. Todd Lubar commenced his career with Crestar Mortgage Corporation between the years 1995 and 1999. He later joined a financial group in 1999 in a company based in Arlington Texas. Under his governance, the company was able to grow its production by 100 million dollars. The mortgage industry that he had worked with is one of the platforms that have given him knowledge concerning smart homes industry. He also owned several other companies in various domains such as the night club industry, recycling industry, real estate development industry and demolition industry. Read more about Todd’s achievements on