Transforming American Education with Dick and Betsy Devos

There is a prominent family in Michigan that is making headlines known as the Devos family. Born 61 years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick Devos hails from the 24th most generous family in the United States. Dick Devos may be relevant politically for two reasons. He tried the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial election but was defeated by Jennifer Granholm. Dick Devos is also the husband of the current secretary of education Betsy Devos. Betsy and Dick Devos have been married since 1989. During this period, they have been blessed with children, and they have also embarked on a mission of helping people in the United States with a keen focus in Michigan. The two have maintained their conservative political stand and are vivid supporters of the Republican Party, and they are frequent donors.

Betsy Devos was appointed to become the secretary of education for the couple’s efforts to better the American education sector. For this reason, they have made donations to the sector although it has garnered criticism from liberals who see the donations as a way of concealing the large political donations they make. For instance, it was reported that the couple made a donation of $5. 3 million to the Republican Party in the year 2015. At the same time, they made another donation of $11.6 to help other charitable causes in the country. Dick and Betsy Devos make these donations through an organization called Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. The two have not started making donations in their adult life as they were accustomed to these things when growing up. Dick Devos father is Richard Devos who has a net worth of close to $ 6 billion. In addition to this, Richard Devos is the owner of the Orlando Magic and Amway Group Ventures. As for Betsy Devos, her father was a philanthropic industrialist from Holland known as Edgar Prince. The two are, therefore, carrying on their families reputations of helping the less fortunate people in the community. Read more about their foundation at

However, there seems to be a pattern in most of the donations made by the Devos family. They emphasize on the education sector with the sector taking 26 percent of the 2015 donations. Other sectors that benefited from the donations include arts that received 22 percent of the money, civic and community that received 16 percent of the money as well as leadership and development that received 13 percent of the donations. 12 percent went to public policy, 5 percent to health and human services while 4 percent of the donation went to churches.

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With the family business, Dick Devos has been involved with Amway Corporation since the year 1974. Later on, he took charge of his father’s venture called Orlando Magic when his father retired. With these two organizations, he has held various positions such as vice president and the chief executive officer. Betsy Devos has been very supportive of her husband.