Using the Securus Technologies Phone System to Prevent Crime

Part of my job as a crime scene investigator is getting those responsible into custody so they can have their day in court. Technology has really changed the way that we can track down criminals today, but it always comes down to creativity and ingenuity if you are going to find and capture these dangerous suspects. If they have a deep enough network of family and friends willing to protect them, there is no saying how long they can avoid captivity.

The most dangerous suspects are problematic for another reason, no one is willing to turn them in for fear their family will be retaliated against. People are terrified that the suspect or associates will come back for revenge, so we rarely get leads the traditional way any more. These suspects know they have to lay low and they have to stop doing things that will bring attention to them. Despite monitoring family and friends for weeks, we were having a real challenging time with one fugitive in particular.

When Securus Technologies installed their inmate call system in the local prison, my associates informed me that the system and software had the capability to monitor all calls and pick up unique conversations, pertaining to our suspect. We listened in on those calls and discovered that he still had family in jail, and when these inmates were making calls to family, the name of the suspect did surface. By monitoring these calls, we determined that the suspect was actually in the planning stages of going to Mexico.

Our team had only a little window before the suspect got his fake identification papers, so we staked out the residence where the calls were coming from, and discovered he was in fact ready to leave that night and was completely shocked when we broke down that door and took him into custody.